Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 20: Official Challenge 02/04/12

Wow! Here I am at day 20 of this challenge! I am very happy that I have kept to this challenge for this long. Despite two days this past week that were sub par I still feel like I am making good progress.

Today is measurement/weigh-in day:

Weight: Prior 264 lbs Today: 263 lbs
Neck: Prior: 18.5" Today: 18.5"
Chest: Prior: 48" Today: 47.75"
Left Bicep: Prior: 15.25" Today: 14.5"
Right Bicep: Prior: 16"  Today: 15.25"
Left Forearm: Prior: 12.75" Today: 12.75"
Right Forearm: Prior: 13.5" Today: 13.5"
Waist: Prior: 49.75" Today: 50"
Hips: Prior: 44.75" Today: 43.5"
Left Thigh: Prior: 23.5" Today: 24.5"
Right Thigh: Prior: 24" Today: 25.25"
Left Calf: Prior: 18" Today: 18"
Right Calf: Prior: 18" Today: 18"

Not too bad. Overall inches lost only comes out to .5" since I gained a little on certain body parts in addition to losing on others. However, I did the measurements after my cardio workout so there is a possibility that some areas were pumped full of blood. Just a guess. I did however lose 1 pound of body weight. It's encouraging.

Cardio today was a 2 mile walk at a fast pace to keep up my heart rate. It felt good and it was a nice day out in general.

My largest goal is to keep in my nutrition today no matter what. Tomorrow is my cheat day and Superbowl, so- yay me!


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  1. Congrats on the progress Jason! No matter how bad the day, don't ever throw in the towel.